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Giuseppe, Mamma Maria e Calogero
Giuseppe, Mamma Maria e Alessandro

Welcome to Sicily

We, the Sicilians are depositaries of an ancient culture, that comes from almost three thousand years of history, not yet contaminated by the modernity. An important and integral part of this heritage is the sacredness of the guest that visits our land and our house. The hospitality has to be always from friends to put you really get ease even if you are unknown

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Bed & Breakfast Giucalem

La Casa negli Orti
S.P. 15 / S.P 89a (Strada per la Villa del Casale)
94015 Piazza Armerina (En) - Sicily

Tel. +39 0935 89801
Mobile: +39 328 6913923

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At the discretion of the visitor two bicycles to get to the Villa Romana del Casale and the archaeological site of Morgantina. For free at no additional cost; Joseph will show you the paths to reach.

I Sapori Siciliani

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It’s easy to be happy in Sicily because we have everything…….except the rest!

But “Giucalem” known as “La casa negli Orti” – The House in the Orchards takes its name from the members of Giuseppe’s family, his wife Meluccia and his sons Calogero and Alessandro, is totally surrounded by nature among orchards and vegetable gardens and overlooking a wood.

In spring the air is full of an orange blossom fragrance.

The B & B is a comfortable place aimed especially to those people who are in search of peace and quiet.

It’s just 1 km away from the city’s historical centre and 3 km away from the World’s Heritage Mosaics Roman Villa del Casale, famous all over the world. Tasting and purchase of local products like extra-virgin olive oil, different flavours of home – made jams, flavoured bread (pane cunzato) and dried tomatoes- plain or flavoured.

B&B Giucalem is personally run by Giuseppe’s family and Mamma Maria with lots of courtesy and homeliness.

Proof of such warm hospitality can be found in various comments on the website: Trip Advisor and BB Planet, which are totally sincere and disinterested. The building has availability of 5 rooms with en suite bathroom, centralized heating and air-conditioning.



Contact us for a quote online. A move to Piazza Armerina and a stop at B & B Giucalem remain in the good memories of your trip to Sicily.

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