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Bed & Breakfast Giucalem

La Casa negli Orti
S.P. 15 / S.P 89a (Strada per la Villa del Casale)
94015 Piazza Armerina (En) - Sicily

Tel. +39 0935 89801
Mobile: +39 328 6913923

Hotel Sicilia

The comfortable B&B Giucalem is located in an ample beautiful valley near Piazza Armerina in the Province of Enna - Sicily. The Bed and Breakfast is perfectly situated to visit the famous places like the “Roman Villa del Casale” with the mosaics of the 3rd century (5 min), Caltagirone and the beautiful stairway with majolica’s or the Greek theatre of Morgantina. It is a destination for those who love peaceful surroundings and an absolutely unspoiled nature. The Giuseppe’s Family and “Mamma Maria” are a perfect example for the Sicilian hospitality. Due to the warm and friendly ambience you will immediately feel like at home. The house is surrounded from their cultivated vegetables gardens. The early-morning breakfast is abundant and rich of tastes. To try the seasoned bread ("cunzato") prepared by “Mamma Maria”. The little Alessandro with his vitality will be a splendid companion of games for the guests children. Before you go to bed after a hard day’s sight seeing you can relax with a glass of homemade limoncello (creamy liqueur of lemon). The house has been recently renovated respecting its original character. The five rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom. There is an internal car park and a large garden. You will always keep in good memory your visit to Piazza Armerina and your stay in Bed and Breakfast Giucalem.Bed and Breakfast Giucalem, a Piazza Armerina, è una casa rurale ristrutturata, situata in una ampia vallata coltivata a orto. Qui vi regna la tranquillità assoluta, nel massimo della privacy. La distanza del Bed and Breakfast dal centro storico di Piazza Armerina è di 1 chilometro, e a 3 chilometri dai famosi mosaici della Villa Romana del Casale.

La camera doppia con bagno costa 50 euro e l'eventuale aggiunta di un letto per un bambino è di 15 euro.
Un passaggio a Piazza Armerina e una sosta al B&B Giucalem rimarranno nei bei ricordi del vostro viaggio in Sicilia.

Benvenuti - Welcome - Wilkommen - Bienvenue

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