The House

The house is perfectly situated to visit the famous places like the “Roman Villa del Casale” with the mosaics of the 3rd century (5 min), Caltagirone and the beautiful stairway with majolica’s or the Greek theatre of Morgantina. It is a destination for those who love peaceful surroundings and an absolutely unspoiled nature. The Giuseppe’s Family and “Mamma Maria” are a perfect example for the Sicilian hospitality. Due to the warm and friendly ambience you will immediately feel like at home. The house is surrounded from their cultivated vegetables gardens. The early-morning breakfast is abundant and rich of tastes.

We suggest to try the seasoned bread ("cunzato") prepared by “Mamma Maria”. The little Alessandro with his vitality will be a splendid companion of games for the guests children. Before you go to bed after a hard day’s sight seeing you can relax with a glass of homemade limoncello (creamy liqueur of lemon).

The house has been recently renovated respecting its original character. The five rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom. There is an internal car park and a large garden. You will always keep in good memory your visit to Piazza Armerina and your stay in Giucalem.

The Heart of Sicily

Inside the great portion of triangular earth situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and that once was called Trinacria, there are so many Sicilies. There is Arab-Norman Sicily of Palermo, that prehistoric in the zone of Syracuse, that Hellenistic of Agrigento. In the center of Sicily, in the territory with the tallest chief town in Italy, Enna, the Roman heart of our Island palpitates, a heart which pulsation can clearly be felt in the very famous Roman Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina.

Unique monument to the World, the Villa, inserted in the '97 in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO, is absorbed in the amenity of a little valley of pines, elms, poplars, cores. It rises near the course of water, that more to valley it becomes the river Gela, on the rests of an old rustic settlement. The Villa, built among the III and the IV century A.C., with his over 3.500 sqm. of flooring mosaics, offers us the most extraordinary and ample text known of mosaic decoration that, for complexity of the imaging apparatus doesn't even find comparisons in the great grouping of the mosaics of the Roman villas that they be found in Tunisia.

To arrive there, they passes through Piazza Armerina, city that contains in herself all the Sicilies mentioned, with its rich amount of gardens, of medieval monuments, Renaissance and Baroque too. At few kilometers from Piazza Armerina, after passing a chain of luxuriant mountains and hills, you arrive on the Mt. Cittadella, where to the center of the lands that they were of Morges, king of the Morgetis (an italic population coming from center-southern Italy), and from which probably takes the name, rises Morgantina , one of the sites archaeological richer in charm that the history of Sicily Hellenistic memoirs. Greek and old Sicilian cultures harmoniously they melt in these places where the integration among these two cultures is testified by the numerous finds archaeological discoveries.


Giucalem and the historical center of Piazza Armerina from drone.


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